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Angell Woods – A Park to be Reckened With!

For the past week I have been putting off writing this review. I would tell you it is for reasons that are totally justifiable, but in all honesty, it is because I am afraid that once everyone discovers this incredible gem, it will become overpopulated and loose the beauty of it’s tranquility.



Finding the Wild Mont Rigaud

Often when I think of getting out of the city, I imagine some far away place where all of the familiar sights and sounds have long faded into the backdrop and have been largely replaced by birds chirping, snow crunching, and the feeling of leaving everything behind. The question must be asked however, what happens when there is not enough time for a full day spent wandering? What is the compromise between getting Fido out of the city without entering into a complete wilderness area? The answer: Mont Rigaud. KEEP READING

The Lachine Canal – Friend or Foe?

The Lachine Canal is one of those things that people can’t seem to decide whether they love or hate.  It seemed to me that for as much complaining as everyone in Montreal does about it, as soon as the summer weather hits everyone and their brother is using it.  Well, winter is now here and the canal is empty. This means one thing for those of us with four-legged friends: off-leash. KEEP READING