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Killarney Provincial Park – A Dog-gone Gem

Fido is not a stranger to hard work. Big adventures, long treks, carrying a heavy pack of his own – these are all things that right from puppyhood I was sure to expose him to. He is no longer a puppy however, and at the ripe senior age of 10 he remains in better shape than most small dogs half his age. He is starting to slow down now. I know this. The naps are getting deeper, the excitement less physical, the recovery time longer. Fido remains the best tripping companion I’ve ever had, but more and more the trips are becoming a reflection of what he will be able complete without over-doing it. Six days in the backcountry of Killarney Provincial Park paddling, portaging, and just plain pushing it would test this to the limit.


Putting the ‘National’ in Bruce Peninsula National Park

The Bruce Trail is one of the sacred gems of Ontario that most people have explored in some capacity, but few people have actually had the opportunity to walk it end to end. A few years back Fido and I were lucky enough to have 45 days to spend on the Bruce. In recognizing that that would not be enough time to walk the entire trail end to end, it was decided that we would start in the north and work our way down from there. As it turned out, the stretch along Bruce Peninsula National Park was so incredible that as soon as it was possible I planned to return. Recently we had that opportunity.