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Being ‘dog-friendly’ at the Super 8 Barrie

One of the things I have realized about owning a Great Dane is that everything is larger. The winter booties, the rain jacket, the food bowl, and the list goes on. The one exception I have found is the list of hotels claiming to be ‘dog-friendly’, while in fact this applies only to those pups weighing 20lbs or less. I am often met with such surprise when I mention that I am looking to book a room with enough space for 175lbs of Fido. It is a common misconception that people with large dogs don’t travel, when in fact it has actually been my experience that it is much easier to travel with my big boy than most of the under 20lbs breeds I’ve known. So why I ask, do so many hotels put such ridiculous restrictions on their ‘dog-friendly’ policies?