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We are a grass-roots organization that aims to help create a more dog-friendly planet.

Bechtel Park – One for the Dogs!

BillandCouper2This past weekend we had the chance to explore one of our local parks, right here in the City of Waterloo.  Being fairly new to the city, Fido and I are still getting to know the ins and outs of where all the great local hiking spots are. It’s always interesting moving to a new place and trying to figure out where it is that people go to get outside and romp around.  Thankfully, we had friends showing us the way!  Fido seems to have made good friends with a dog named Couper, and Couper is always more than happy to take the lead.


Killarney Provincial Park – A Dog-gone Gem

Fido is not a stranger to hard work. Big adventures, long treks, carrying a heavy pack of his own – these are all things that right from puppyhood I was sure to expose him to. He is no longer a puppy however, and at the ripe senior age of 10 he remains in better shape than most small dogs half his age. He is starting to slow down now. I know this. The naps are getting deeper, the excitement less physical, the recovery time longer. Fido remains the best tripping companion I’ve ever had, but more and more the trips are becoming a reflection of what he will be able complete without over-doing it. Six days in the backcountry of Killarney Provincial Park paddling, portaging, and just plain pushing it would test this to the limit.

Putting the ‘National’ in Bruce Peninsula National Park

The Bruce Trail is one of the sacred gems of Ontario that most people have explored in some capacity, but few people have actually had the opportunity to walk it end to end. A few years back Fido and I were lucky enough to have 45 days to spend on the Bruce. In recognizing that that would not be enough time to walk the entire trail end to end, it was decided that we would start in the north and work our way down from there. As it turned out, the stretch along Bruce Peninsula National Park was so incredible that as soon as it was possible I planned to return. Recently we had that opportunity.


Mount Nemo – Not Just a Climber’s Paradise!!

For many years, I alongside many another Torontonian, have thought of Toronto as an island unto itself. In order to leave this great island one must have days upon days to plan, plot, and escape. They must have an itinerary in tow, and a full supply of Fido food on hand. If you were leaving the island it was going to be big, really BIG.

Mount Nemo changed all of that for me. Those who follow the DogFriendlyPlanet Twitter page will know that those of us here on the DFP team are climbers amongst other things, and bringing Fido along for the adventure has just become a part of the planning.


Back in Action!!!!

After almost a year off the grid, DogFriendlyPlanet is back. Best of all, Fido and his wandering adventures have returned. The kinks have been ironed out, home base has been set up, and Fido is ready to share with you some more of the greatest dog-friendly spaces around. So get ready, pull out your maps, and be sure to pack the treat bag because we’re hitting the road, and Fido is leading the way! Coming up: Fido visits McRae Lake, Northern Quebec, the Bruce Peninsula, Copeland Forest, and spends some time at Luskville Falls. Remember to check back regularly so you don’t miss any of the action!

Fido enjoys some late season warm weather

Being ‘dog-friendly’ at the Super 8 Barrie

One of the things I have realized about owning a Great Dane is that everything is larger. The winter booties, the rain jacket, the food bowl, and the list goes on. The one exception I have found is the list of hotels claiming to be ‘dog-friendly’, while in fact this applies only to those pups weighing 20lbs or less. I am often met with such surprise when I mention that I am looking to book a room with enough space for 175lbs of Fido. It is a common misconception that people with large dogs don’t travel, when in fact it has actually been my experience that it is much easier to travel with my big boy than most of the under 20lbs breeds I’ve known. So why I ask, do so many hotels put such ridiculous restrictions on their ‘dog-friendly’ policies?


Angell Woods – A Park to be Reckened With!

For the past week I have been putting off writing this review. I would tell you it is for reasons that are totally justifiable, but in all honesty, it is because I am afraid that once everyone discovers this incredible gem, it will become overpopulated and loose the beauty of it’s tranquility.