Angell Woods – A Park to be Reckened With!

For the past week I have been putting off writing this review. I would tell you it is for reasons that are totally justifiable, but in all honesty, it is because I am afraid that once everyone discovers this incredible gem, it will become overpopulated and loose the beauty of it’s tranquility.

So, where you ask is this space I have been so reluctant to share – well right under our noses of course! Leaving from downtown Montreal, you take Hwy 40 West. Fifteen minutes from the downtown core, you will find the municipality of Beaconsfield, and within Exit 45 – Woodland. From there you take a right onto Woodland, a left onto Elm, and directly across from the train station you will find the Angell Woods parking lot. Now do not be dismayed, often the parking lot seems quite full, when in fact it is just simply cars that have been left there for the day by people who have taken the train. It is not uncommon to see fewer than a handful of groups once actually in the forested area during the week, or early in the morning on weekends. I will say however, that the park does become quite busy on weekend afternoons, though even then does not begin to compare to the dog parks found in the city.

Angell Woods is 250 acres of OFF LEASH property – Let me just repeat that, a park, that consists primarily of forested area, almost 250 ACRES of it, and it is all designated off leash! This is truly the first space that I have found that offers this kind of dog friendly area so close to a major city. There is no fee for admission, and because multiple stakeholders own the area there is very little risk of it disappearing in the near future for development. There is even an Association for the Protection of Angell Woods (Website). There are multiple trails to meander through, all of them clearly marked, and fantastic YOU ARE HERE maps throughout. Angell Woods is an incredible gift to the dog community, and I can only hope that as dog-friendly folk we can continue to appreciate, respect, and honour what few spaces like this there are available to us.


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2 responses to “Angell Woods – A Park to be Reckened With!

  • Nicole Lavoie

    attetion, le parc est fermé, cloturé et, me dit on, souvent surveillé par un garde.
    je n’y suis rendue samedi le 28 et me suis cogné le nez aux clotures et aux affiches.
    un grand terrain gazonné qui longe le parc est utilisé (sans laisse) par les anciens utilisateurs du parc.
    tout ceci ne vaut pas le déplacement en auto à moins de demeurer à proximité.
    soyez en avertis!

  • Nicole Lavoie

    this parc is closed, with a fence and a guard often prevent people to get behind the fence.
    I went there on saterday, april 28th 2012 and there were fences and sighs.

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